We can not do this without your help! PLEASE

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There are many volunteer opportunities at TGH and we can only function because of all the amazing volunteer support!

Cooking and Serving

Most dinners are prepared by volunteer groups. Most of the groups sign up to cook dinner on reoccuring monthly basis, bring most of their own ingridients, and cook and serve. Dinners are made for 70-110 people. Dinners are served at 6PM and take 2-4hrs to prepare. There is no set menu but typically a dinner consists of a protein, starch, vegetables, and a dessert. Please check out the current dinner schedule here. If you would like to organize a group to come and cook breakfast or lunch, you could do so at any time. Breakfast is served at 8:30 and lunch at 12. Please plan on cooking for 30-60 people.  If you would like to sign up, please give a call at 586-4159 or email info@feedjuneau.org to cook dinner on any open night. 

Court Mandated Community Work Service Hours

If you need to fulfill community work service hours requirements, we can always use the help. It is most helpful to us if you can volunteer between 8AM and 8PM. There is no need to call ahead. We are open and could use the help everyday. Please come to 247 S.Franklin Street and tell the kitchen that you need to fill your requirement. Typically, you will be assisting with cleaning, organizing, and prepping. 

Other Volunteering

TGH provides a lot of services on a shoe string budget. We can do this because of all the volunteer help. In the past, with the help of community volunteers, we were able to weatherize our building, install a garden, and much much more. If you would like to volunteer, please fill out this form so we can learn about you and come up with a best way to work together. 


TGH does not prepare a big Thanksgiving Meal. Our patrons go to the Community Thanksgiving Event, organized by the Salvation Army and served at the Hanger on the Wharf. We do not need help serving on cooking on Thanksgiving but thank you for thinking of us!